About Stay True Apparel Co.

We Began

In the spring of 2011, we created a Facebook page to interact with like-minded fans. We called the page DieHardDevil. What started with 10 followers doubled to 20, which soon became 50. Our message resonated with Sun Devil Fans and Alumni. Today, we have over 8,000 Facebook fans, and we've grown a following on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 


A year after we began on Facebook, we launched DieHardDevil.com. With the help of many fans who have each contributed in their own way, the DieHardDevil.com has evolved to include the latest Sun Devil news, interviews and articles, stats, records, and the largest library of Sun Devil photo and video collections anywhere.


Three years later, we translated the spirit of DieHard Devil into a Sun Devil apparel and retail brand. Naturally, we chose a name consistent with our news site, "DieHard" Apparel. We cater to lifelong Arizona State fans by offering exclusive Sun Devil lifestyle merchandise. 


In 2018, after being served a Cease and Desist letter from Sears Holdings because of our use of the word "diehard" with "apparel", we worked out an arrangement. Sears agreed to let us move forward with the name DieHard Devil for our news site, but they required the renaming of our retail brand. DieHard-Apparel would become Stay True Apparel Co!  


Stay True Apparel Co produces Officially Licensed Collegiate Product.

A portion of all proceeds benefit Sun Devil Athletics.


    Forks Up,

    Mike Howell and Jeff Alba- Class of '92