About Stay True Apparel Co.

We Began

In the spring of 2011, as ASU fans and alumni, we brainstormed how we could further strengthen and embolden the fan base we're a part of. What steps could we take? How could we pull that off?

We created a Facebook page to interact with like-minded fans, build a community, and provide an entertaining flow of news and media surrounding Sun Devil Football. We named the FB page DieHardDevil and started off with less than a hundred followers. Our message began resonating with Sun Devil fans & Alumni at the grass roots level, and we never looked back. As of April 2021, we're represented on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (8.1K) the social media sites and approaching 11,000 fans on Facebook, alone!


A year after we started on Facebook, we launched the website DieHardDevil.com. With the help of fans who contributed in their own way, be it writing, conducting interviews, or shooting photos from the sidelines on game day, DieHardDevil began producing one-of-a-kind content covering all things Sun Devil Football and culture. DHD is going through a design and feature overhaul at this moment, but we're looking forward to offering even more creative content when complete. 


Our social media audience began asking if we we offered products, and over the next three years we determined that there was enough interest to justify a retail endeavor. We launched an online store and called it DieHard Apparel to compliment the website. Our goal was to provide new, uniquely-designed products for our fellow Sun Devils in the form of t-shirts and merchandise. 


In 2018 as things were humming along with DieHard Apparel, we received a cease and desist letter from Sears Holdings! Sears submitted that the use of the word "diehard" along with "apparel" infringed upon their DIEHARD brand. After a long negotiation, we signed an agreement with Sears which authorized us to maintain the name DieHard Devil for the news site, but we were required to change the name of the retail brand. Soon after that Stay True Apparel Co. was born, and the rebranding effort was underway.  

Stay True Apparel Co produces Officially Licensed Collegiate Product.

A portion of all proceeds benefit Sun Devil Athletics.


    Stay True and Forks Up!  

    Mike Howell and Jeff Alba, Class of '92  


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